3D Software and Prototyping

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3D Software



Educational Unit: Technology and Engineering


Keywords: 3D modelling, solid and surface modelling


The shift from a hand-craftsmanship based methodology of pattern construction and design to new models of productivity explores 3D applications in fashion, such as 3D design and visualisation, body scanning, and virtual fitting rooms. As fashion becomes more and more consumer centric and driven, rapid decision-making in the design and product development processes becomes more crucial. By starting the design process with the specific user’s entry into the process, the time to final product is significantly differed, allowing the user to personalise the product not only to their taste, but also their body.

Indicative Content

  • Hardware systems for 3D graphics applications

  • 3D graphic transformations, curves and three-dimensional surfaces

  • Solid and surface modelling

  • Creation of realistic photo images

  • Opportunities, limitations and implications of 3D modelling in textile and fashion value chains

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