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Educational Unit: Technology and Engineering


Keywords: Arduino, C programming language


Coding for fashion-tech entails the integration of fashion and technology by giving a function to a design, for example through adding programmable lights or sensors to a garment. This allows to amplify and extend the natural ability and performance of the human body or add new ways of communication or interaction with the body, or anything surrounding the user. By achieving the fundamental understanding of coding, the students will be able to understand the language of coding and the possible relationship between fashion and technology that will enable them to work in interdisciplinary teams.

Indicative Content

  • Introduction to Arduino and basic setup

  • Basics of C programming language (variables, basic operators, conditionals, loops)

  • Compile and run a program to implement:

    • LEDs as main source of feedback

    • Buttons as the basis for human interaction with Arduino

    • Sensors to acquire data from the environment

    • Motor control to make an object move

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