The Mills Fabrica

The Mills Fabrica, one of the pillars of the Mills, is a part of a landmark revitalisation project of Nan Fung´s old textile factories in Hong Kong. While the other two pillars focus on heritage and community of arts and textiles, and experiential and experimental retail, the Mills Fabrica consists of a start-up incubator, a VC investment fund and a co-working space/lab. At the intersection of fashion, textile and technology, they form a business incubator and springboard for start-ups and strategic partners. The Fabrica´s aim is to create business opportunities, customised business training programmes and industry connections through a wide community fostering dialogue and creative engagement. 

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Coloreel is a technology innovation company in Sweden, that since 2009 has developed a ground-breaking technology enabling high-quality colouring of textile thread on demand. Their first product, launched in 2018, is Embroline, an attachment that can be used with any existing industrial embroidery machine to instantly colour a white base thread during the production. Thanks to the innovative technology, the attachment enables the creation of unique designs without any limitations in the use of colours, besides increasing production efficiency and decreasing waste generation. Future potential applications for the technology include use for sewing, knitting and weaving among others. 

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LYS Technologies

LYS is a wearable device that tracks the light around the user, that together with an app aims to give insights on circadian stimulus. As different types of light affect the body, and can lead to short-term health related lifestyle diseases, the device uses sensors replicating the eyes´ photoreceptors to measure a person´s surrounding light and guide them to the right light at the right time. With the feedback from the app, the aim is to improve people´s habits in a natural way for maintaining a healthier lifestyle by influencing a person´s sleep, energy levels, concentration etc. 

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SKIIN is a consumer brand developed by Myant Inc. in Toronto, Canada with a focus on a textile computing platform sensing and responding to the body´s feedback. With a number of wearables devices integrated into the smart fabrics of everyday garments, the products can be used for remote healthcare, self-heating clothing and in industrial settings for improving employee health. The users can have continuous access to their body´s data, such as heart rate, skin temperature and sleep quality, and feedback with targeted therapy and/or personalised guidance as needed.  

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Founded in 2004, CuteCircuit is a UK-based wearable-technology fashion brand that creates interactive fashion through the interweaving of fashion design concepts with emerging technologies and smart fabrics. The brand’s design portfolio includes: The Hug Shirt; Sound Shirt; Galaxy Dress; Aqua Dress; Graphene Dress and MFA Dress, and its visually stunning fashion statements with ‘magical’ interactive potentials have been worn in performance by celebrities such as Katy Perry and Sarah Brightman. CuteCircuit’s co-founders, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, come from a heritage of Couture Fashion (Valentino), and Interaction Design and Anthropology respectively and are considered pioneers in the field of fashion-tech. The brand holds a number of patents in the field of wearable technology, such as 3D Spatial Audio, Haptics for Augmented Reality, Interactive Luminous Garments, Multimedia Wearable Telecommunication Devices, and Sensor Enhanced Fabric constructions.


At CuteCircuit, they believe that in the future our bodies will become the interface to data, and clothing will become an intelligent second skin enabling the wearers to connect with each other in a more intuitive and intimate manner.

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