Computational Couture

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Educational Unit: Design and Ideation


Keywords: digital design methodology, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper


Working alongside selected industry collaborators with an expertise in computational design and sartorial techniques, students will research, ideate, prototype and present speculative prototypes. The unit is a blend of theoretical and practical lessons on software has the aim to develop a project of Computational Couture in five steps: file preparation, parts testing and pre-assembly, dress fabrication and assembly, and finalisation of the dress. This exchange of knowledge enables students to value their knowledge and experience by understanding all the processes of the product development. Additionally, it provides students with the opportunity to work alongside industry in a simulated professional environment.

Indicative Content

  • Introduction to algorithms and computational design for creative disciplines

  • Basics of 3D modelling in Rhinoceros

  • Basics of Grasshopper

  • Introduction to basic sartorial techniques

  • Computational design methods

  • Reinterpretation of cloth, garments and accessories

  • New digital design methodology

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