Design & Ideation


The proposed pedagogical method aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research for the production of innovative products or processes that arise from the meeting of the fashion world and the world of technology. The tools developed help the fashion-tech learners in the research, in the definition of the objectives and in the planning.

The workshop aims to support the creative process and design in the field of fashion-fech and is divided into three main phases: 


Inspiration mainly uses two tools: A-Cards and K-Cards as support for brainstorming and the TD Module as support for transdisciplinary research. 


Ideation aims to give an organization and a concrete form to ideas through the definition of the 5W (what, who, why, where, when) and the design of the concept. 


Implementation instead uses the creation of a prototype to verify not only the functionality and feasibility of the product/process but also how this is perceived by the user and the market.