Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing - IAMLight

  • Brief launch

  • Basic elements of perception; Exercise, from theory to practice;

  • Peer review and comments + definition and identification of the elements useful for the design concept

  • Company presentation

  • Lecture: Light as design tool

  • Peer review and identification of guidelines for the design concept

  • Lecture: Theory on 3D printing, case studies and exercises

  • Brainstorming + inspirations for research

  • Lecture: Augmenting/ connecting the human body through digital technologies

  • Lecture: Jewellery Design Today

  • Research + Concept definition

  • Shape definition and development for 3D printing

Additional staff




  • Collection development in 3D

  • Finalization of the presentation + prototype check

  • Presentation check (Inspiration, concept, sketches, technical drawings and 3D modelling)

  • Final presentation to Maison 203


The learners were divided into multidisciplinary and transnational groups of 3 (total of 15 students). Suggested group size is 3 learners to ensure a range of knowledge and skills.

The 5 teachers from Polimi had a background in fashion design, wearables, 3D modelling and printing, and lighting design. 

Participating learners presented a range of expertise, from fashion and textile design, design for the fashion system and fashion futures. 

Additional staff included laboratory assistants and and an Italian jewellery brand. 

Additional staff




Suggested resources




“For the theoretical part I think the augmented part was really interesting to find out new ways to discover the body, a new way to improve it without letting technology pass over it.”


Politecnico di Milano


“I really enjoyed the 3D modelling and the theoretical part […] I really find it as an interesting view of how I could take it further in my projects.”


Swedish School of Textiles

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