Scientific contribution

  1. Teunissen, J., Colombi, C., Vellesalu, A., 2020. Fashion tech, future skills, competences, residencies, and co-creation (abstract submitted to Seminar on Future Education at American Paris University)

  2. Colombi, C., Tenuta, L., Vellesalu, A., 2020. Fashion-tech education unraveled. An exploration on the state of the art of fashion-tech didactics. EDULEARN20. 

  3. Larsson, J., Vellesalu, A., Teunissen, J., Kapsali, V., Crew, J. & McGee, K., 2019. The hackathon model as a framework for competence mapping of research, conceptual ideation, technical realisation and entrepreneurship at masters level education for fashion-tech design. Presented at INTED2019 – 13th International Technology, Education and Development Conference in March 2019 in Valencia.

  4. Chiara Colombi (POLIMI), acted as Guest Editor of the forthcoming Research Journal of Textile and Apparel - Special Issue ‘Fashion-Tech: Reshaping Fashion Products, Processes and Markets Through Digital Technology’. 

  5. Colombi, C., Kim, P. & Wyatt, N., 2018. Fashion retailing “tech-gagement”: engagement fueled by new technology. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 22(4), pp.390–406. 

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  7. Bertola, P. & Teunissen, J., 2018. Fashion 4.0. Innovating fashion industry through digital transformation. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 22(4), pp.352–369. Presented with the Award for Excellence 2019 of the Emerald Literati Awards in the Research Journal of Textile and Apparel. 

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