Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Educational Unit: Human, Social, Psychological and Economic Contexts


Keywords: fashion-tech innovation, business proposition, start-up


Entrepreneurship is when an individual or team can identify an issue or a need in the market and have an idea as to how to supply a solution. In the start-up phase of such a speculative venture, not only does a concept have to be analysed and developed into a product or a service-based business. Furthermore, teams need to be built to support the development and the monetisation of the idea as well as developing the necessary support systems and infrastructures required for the service or product to become functioning and viable. In this unit, students are required to engage with societal trends, identify issues and provide solutions. By the end of the unit students should aim to produce a plan for a business start-up concept that could follow on from the creative output they generated, i.e. a fashion-tech product, service or business proposition.  

Indicative Content

  • Understanding what differentiates a successful business pitch from an unsuccessful one

  • Researching in depth what fashion-tech innovation might look like

  • Scoping the scale of a business proposition, is it too large or too small?

  • Crowd Funding Project application, real or simulated

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