Fashion-Tech Hackathon

Fashion-Tech Hackathon

  • First online meeting on Adobe Connect: introduction and division into groups

  • Remote group research

  • Second online meeting on Adobe Connect: group research presentations 

  • Pre-workshop questionnaire

  • Introduction to research and ideation 

  • Analyse research & assess opportunities

  • Keynote lecture: design process

  • Define concept and timeline

  • Mentor feedback

  • Introduction to product development

  • Technical product planning

  • Keynote lecture: technical development

  • Re-iterate product design; contingency plans

  • Mentor feedback

  • Introduction to Pitch & Present

  • Define brand image; pitch training

  • Develop storyboard

  • Keynote lecture: innovation & entrepreneurship

  • Pitching

  • Mentor feedback

  • Post-workshop questionnaire


The learners were divided into multidisciplinary and transnational groups of 2-4 (total of 22 students). Suggested group size is 3 learners to ensure a range of knowledge and skills.

The teachers and mentors had a background in fashion design, textile management, digital manufacturing, and fashion entrepreneurship and innovation.

Participating learners presented a range of expertise, from fashion design, fashion artefacts, and fashion marketing and management.

Additional staff included staff from project partners and external speakers also acting as mentors.

Additional staff




Suggested resources

Remote group research



"The success of the hackathon was bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures into a space where we are able to come together to speculate on what the future [of fashion-tech] can be."


London College of Fashion


"The hackathon helped to realise the potential in fashion-tech and how quickly it becomes more accessible to everybody."


Swedish School of Textiles

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