Interdisciplinary group work


The hackathon format, implemented through interdisciplinary group work, encourages students to brainstorm, pitch concepts, build teamwork skills, plan projects and develop design ideas in a fast-paced and dynamic way. The creativity, teamwork and problem solving unleashed in a short period of time through collaborative projects at hackathons often stimulates participants to engage more deeply in their professions and academic interests. These interactions serve to “open up” a classroom environment, and enables an active, rather than passive, learning experience for students.

To be competitive in the emerging field of fashion-tech, graduates need to respond to the demands of the market with a variety of skills. The following have been identified as critical for the sector and to be developed through the hackathon activities:


  • Equipping designers with collaborative design and innovation capabilities to deliver more effective ways of developing disruptive products and product/services;

  • Mastering co-creation and user-driven innovation processes;

  • Strengthening capabilities to interpret socio-technological trends, consumer insights and narratives;

  • Industrially relevant transferable skills necessary for innovation management and product development;

  • Enhance creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving, communication and collaboration (21st-century skills).


Working in small interdisciplinary teams, during this hackathon students will share their existing knowledge and skills and learn from each other.

Mix and match with workshops, problem-based learning, learning through research, blended learning, and self-directed learning

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