Made by Hand/Made by Machine

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Made by Hand/

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Educational Unit: Design and Ideation


Keywords: hand-craftsmanship, digital craftsmanship 


The industrial revolution, witnessed the transition from the artisanal manufacture to the mass production, and that for the first time the contrast between manus (hand) and machina (machine) comes to light: two opposing elements which have characterised every productive and artistic sphere for the centuries ahead. The idea of luxury is often tied to labour and time intensive techniques. Changing how something is made changes the meaning and our perception. This brief is about making conscious decisions about the processes employed, the meaningful relationship of emerging technologies and traditional handcrafts and how this relationship can inform their concepts. Working alongside a fashion or accessory designer, students will research, ideate, prototype and present projects that respond in an innovative way to the brief.

Indicative Content

  • Hand-craftsmanship

  • Digital craftsmanship

  • Traditional making techniques

  • Digital technologies

  • Emerging technologies

  • Manufacturing processes

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