Digital Multilogue

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Chiara Colombi and Jose Teunissen contributed at the online Digital Multilogue conference organized by American University of Paris on the 25th September 2020. With 300 participants this was a an extensive seminar dedicated to the future of fashion education centred around the questions:

"How and why do we learn and teach fashion in times of a global health crisis, in times of social, environmental and democratic crises? The didactic and pedagogic questions, the pragmatic and philosophical questions we are asking ourselves as fashion educators have changed significantly. What questions and challenges do we share? What experience and solutions can we share and develop together? We see a strong need for reflection and discussion, a great interest in collaboration across disciplines and institutions. THE MULTILOGUE on Fashion Education was conceived as a space of contemplation and exchange, an opportunity for fashion educators of different subjects and institutions to meet, exchange experience, to learn from each other, develop ideas together and collaborate."

Colombi and Teunissen presented the curriculum outcomes of Education4Fashion-Tech in a workshop with the title:  FASHION’s FUTURE RELATION WITH INDUSTRY followed by a Q&A with the participants on the following questions:


  • How do HEIs need to adapt and change the current PG fashion education curriculum and what kind of new skillsets and competences are  required for the fashion industry in this new environment?

  • How can we move beyond placements into testing industry residencies or something else?

  • How can we define new job roles and new recruitment process?



Positive feedback was received on the outcomes of the curriculum and interesting learnings as:  now information and software come from different sources what is the role of a university, since they are no longer the only keepers of knowledge. In addition, young students are digitally savvy, so we need to be very open and permanently reviewing what education should offer in the future.

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