Introduction group 2

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The students in group 2

Carla Bellisio (From England)

Michael Beccalli (From Italy)

Ellinor F. Johansson (From Sweden)

We are three of the students participating in the Smart Textiles workshop at the Swedish School of Textiles, Carla, Michael and Ellinor. The research we've done is based on what's out there and what we find interesting. .

“The environmental effect of smart textile, either the human environment or the external. For example changing in temperature, sweat, harvesting it, pollution and using different energy sources to show the interaction between humans and space.”

The research we’ve gathered is textiles that change/respond/react depending on the quality of the surrounding space and its content. The images are of textiles that change depending on the air, temperature, human health conditions and more.

Incertitude shirt and shorts The pins respond to sound,  moving in waves

By Yin Gao

Photoluminescent dress

By Ying Gao

Crazy colours: The unseen shoulder bag

By Lauren Bowker

The Embrace me hoodie closes a circuit when two wearers hug and cause a pattern on the back of the hoodies to light.

By Studio 5050

It changes colour depending on: UV, heat, air friction, moisture and more.

By Lauren Bowker

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