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Welcome to the Smart Textiles Workshop!

Here you will find more information about your pre-workshop tasks, before we meet at the Textile Fashion Centre in Borås.

Starting off, we would like you to hold two meetings on Skype that should be self-directed with the groups you have been divided into.

The first Skype meeting should take place between the 10-16th of February, where you introduce yourselves to your group. You should discuss your backgrounds and what type of fashion product you make, or are interested in, and identify common interests. Also begin to research the concept conductivity for heating smart textiles. Focus on finding out what research and fashion-tech products already exist and what opportunities you could design for?

The second Skype meeting should take place between the 17-23rd of February, where within your group you present to others the research you have conducted and discuss what are the possibilities for innovative products and solutions. Together create a blog post introducing your group members, and a short summary of your research. Instructions for setting up your account will be sent directly to your email. Be ready to discuss your research and ideas at the workshop!

Lastly, a 5-minute survey for us to learn more about your previous experience to be able to compare to your learnings from the workshop. The survey can be found here, and we kindly ask you to fill it by the 23rd of February.

Good luck, and see you soon in Borås!

//Ann and the E4FT Team

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