Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centred, rather than instructor-centred, teaching method with the origin in the medical field. The teaching strategy has gained wide acknowledgement outside medicine as the students gain practical experience applying their content knowledge to solve real-world challenges in the safe environment of the classroom. PBL is a good fit for fashion-tech since the methodology is very practical. 

When utilising PBL, students are mostly faced with a problem that practitioners in their industry are confronted with on their regular workplace settings. Students should then locate suitable information and resources for solving the problem. The teacher has an advisory role throughout the process. It is the students’ responsibility to make a choice for the best solution, present findings and support for their teamwork. It is often stressed that apparel designers of the future must be strong team members, communicators, and problem solvers — all skills that are enhanced by the PBL teaching method. 

Mix and match with most other tools, for example lectures, workshops, and interdisciplinary group work.