Sara Dsouki

Sara Dsouki

Sara Dsouki is an award-winning architect and 3D printed clothing designer, as well as the founder and CEO of Speetra Design Studio based in Paris. Her work focuses on creating the next generation wearable products by using techniques such as digital design and 3D printing to meet the sustainability goals and need for new materials of the fashion industry. Her aim is to push the boundaries of a cross-disciplinary approach to research, and to refine product creation by working at the intersection of architecture, product and fashion design.


Sara was motivated to explore opportunities in the fashion-tech field due to her interest in the garment production chain, which guided her way towards acting responsibly towards the industry. Considering sustainability in the fashion-industry for a fairer, more transparent and environmentally friendly future, asking the question “Who made my clothes and how?” impacted her decision to implement the skillset as an architect to improve the fashion industry and its processes. She started to experiment with digital fashion design, as her background from architecture allowed her to see the difference of scale between space design and garment design, but more importantly to model ideas using digital design techniques for more intricate and detailed designs.

Image: Speetra Design Studio

The initial experimentations with 3D modelling and printing allowed Sara to prototype in an easy and fast way, allowing her to see the ideas first hand. However, she then aimed to take the process a step further, by using the 3D printer instead of a manufacturer, to make the end product sanitary, wearable and eco-friendlier. The process changed the way she looks into fashion design, by taking a traditional product development and production process to a highly tech-oriented method, proving to be a game changer in the industry.

Taking the experience further, Sara founded Speetra, a fashion-tech start-up providing designers and brands with the space and tools needed to convert their physical process into digital, while contributing to a greener and more cost-effective industry. Her work with Speetra focuses on helping the fashion industry with the conceptualisation process from 3D modelled simulations and 3D printed textiles and clothing made from recycled plastics that are also zero-waste and cruelty free. Introducing this new way or working to fashion designers has been challenging, meaning that they need more support in the transitional phases to adapt their ideas to Speetra’s technologies to design and production, while trying to avoid comprising the brand’s identify and vision.


As a seed-stage start-up, Speetra now focuses on expanding their market reach in Europe, and channelling energy into R&D to further develop their printing material and patent their 3D printers.


Find out more about Sara Dsouki and Speetra Design Studio here.

Image: Speetra Design Studio

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