Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles

  • Introduction to the workshop


  • Introduction to the labs and the Textile Fashion Centre


  • Introduction to printing with thermochromic inks 


  • Introduction to conductivity in textile materials


  • Reflecting on the day’s activities on

  • Company presentation – Inuheat 

  • Introduction to experimental knitting 


  • Introduction to experimental weaving 

  • Feedback


  • Reflecting on the day’s activities on

  • Presentation – Peter Ljungstrand (RISE) 

  • Experimentation in the labs


  • Feedback on day´s progress


  • Reflecting on the day’s activities on

Additional staff




  • Presentation – Fredrik Timour (Swedish Fashion Council) 


  • Making prototypes


  • Feedback


  • Finalising prototypes 


  • Reflecting on the day’s activities on 

  • Presentation – Lisa Lang (ThePowerHouse) 


  • Develop project pitch presentations


  • Project pitch presentations and feedback 


The learners were divided into multidisciplinary and transnational groups of 2 (total of 10 students). Suggested group size is 3 learners to ensure a range of knowledge and skills.

The 5 teachers from HB had a background in fashion and textile design, smart textiles and textile value chain management.

Participating learners presented a range of expertise, from textile engineering to fashion design and sustainability from UAL and HB.

Additional staff included laboratory assistants and external speakers also acting as mentors, besides smart textiles company.

Additional staff




Suggested resources




"I think the challenges in this kind of work [...] is that you’re having to balance many different systems at play. [...] it is this sort of hands on, practical and very experimental approach I think is the strongest way for students to experience smart textiles."


Swedish School of Textiles


"The freedom and variety in the choice of the craft and our approach to the subject was really appreciated"


London College of Fashion

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