Smart textiles workshop

Welcome to the smart textiles workshop!

On this page, you will find information on the workshop, and continuous updates from the participating students in the workshop blog

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The last of the intensive teaching and learning programmes of the project, happening in the form of a workshop, is taking place at the Textile Fashion Centre (TFC) Borås between 24-28th February.

The Swedish School of Textiles, a part of University of Borås, is located at TFC with all of its full-scale laboratories, such as knitting and weaving, sewing and printing. The main location of the workshop will be the DIY area of the Textile Museum, and the students will also have access to the different laboratories of the university. 

We are expecting 15 students from the partner universities to participate, with a variety of previous experience and educational background. With most of them coming from fashion or textile design programmes, some students also have a focus on textile engineering or sustainability. The same goes for the staff of the Swedish School of textiles, and external keynote speakers. See their profiles here