These stories describe the explorations and work of different individuals pursuing fashion-tech. With different motivations, applications, but also difficulties within the field, the stories will hopefully inspire you to follow your passion to fashion-tech and comprehend the different possible career paths.

Kristi Kuusk

Designer-researcher exploring and developing sustainable smart textile services.

Zoe Romano

Co-founder of WeMake Makerspace and Fablab focused on digital fabrication and digital social innovation.

Meg Grant

Researcher, designer and maker of wearable technologies, e-textiles and fabric interfaces.

Irene Posch

Researcher and artist exploring the integration of technological development into art and crafts.

Kathy McGee

3D designer interested in computational and data-driven design to enhance her practice.

Suzi Webster

New media installation artist exploring and critiquing technologies´ impact on being human.

Zhanna Naymankhanova

Founder and CEO with a background in apparel design and manufacturing, and design and innovation.

4 professionals combining skills, knowledge and experience to address the inefficient and outdated modes of tracking workflow and product development processes.

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