Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers

  • Welcome and introduction to the University of Borås

  • Presentation of the Teacher´s Toolkit

  • Icebreaker activity

  • Goal and agenda of the workshop

  • Define course goals

  • Define expected competences

  • Discussion and feedback

  • Determine course content

  • Choose teaching and learning methods

  • Plan assignments

  • Select reading materials and other resources

  • Develop course schedule

  • Discussion and feedback

  • Group presentations

  • Brainstorm and reflection on Teacher´s Toolkit

  • Discussion and feedback

  • Wrapping up and next steps of the project


The teachers were divided into multidisciplinary and transnational groups of 3 to ensure a range of experiences for developing interdisciplinary fashion-tech courses.

The 5 teachers from UAL presented a background in interaction design, digital embroidery, fashion production management, and fashion entrepreneurship and innovation.

The 5 teachers from POLIMI presented a background in fashion design, also including jewellery design.

The 5 teachers from HB textile engineering, textile design, smart textiles, textile management and 3D garment fitting.





Resulting resources - Teacher's Toolkit

Interviews with participants



"The toolkit has been very helpful to give guidelines of what the possible areas for us to look at in the designing of courses. And it has been really good to see how people from different disciplines can come together and how we can design a course."


London College of Fashion


"The toolkit is actually a really good inspiration on how you can put a course together, and when I've tried to put courses together often it's quite confusing. So the toolkit gives you these short tools that you can pick and choose."


London College of Fashion

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