• Introduction to the Digital Learning Lab

  • Recap of Industry briefs & brainstorm of initial student ideas

  • Health and Safety briefing for the LCF Open Access Fashion Studio

  • Presentation (Kiren Passi)

  • Touch sensing materials and textile sensor making activity

  • Connect textile sensors to Arduino and trigger an interaction 

  • Presentation (Fredrik Timour - Neue & Swedish Fashion Council)

  • Connect an RFID tag to digital content using the Neue Playground App 

  • Connect an RFID tag to digital content using the Neue Playground App

  • Video presentation and discussion (Pauline Van Dongen)

  • Develop design responses 

  • Design ideation activities 

Additional staff




  • Design iteration & prototyping


  • Present initial design ideas and prototypes for feedback 

  • Presentation (Camille Baker - STARTS ecosystem for science, technology and arts collaborations)

  • Adapt and develop design based on feedback

  • Project pitching

  • Design iteration & prototyping

  • Identify key IP and develop project pitch presentations

  • Project pitch presentations and feedback 


The learners were divided into multidisciplinary and transnational groups of 3-4 (total of 17 students). Suggested group size is 3 learners to ensure a range of knowledge and skills.

The 5 teachers from UAL-LCF had a background in interaction design, physical computing, fashion design, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Participating learners (all from MA level programmes) presented a range of expertise, from fashion and textile design, design for the fashion systen and sustainability.

Additional staff included external speakers from academia and industry, also acting as mentors. 

Additional staff




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"It really helped me understand how this technology can be used and how varied the design solutions can be, based on very similar technologies."


"This workshop is one of my best experiences during my Master's program. It broadened my horizons and I learned a lot. I am sure it will have a significant effect on my next career decision."

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